Customer Success
  • Ebay Korea

    Ebay Korea

    Ebay, as the world's largest electronic market, every day millions commodities traded here. We provide ebay Korea bank card recognition technology to help ebay's users to complete the online payment deal more quickly and easily.

  • China UnionPay

    China UnionPay

    China UnionPay is the only domestic bank card organization in China that links cross-bank transaction and ATMs of all banks throughout mainland China. Our bank card recognition technology has been integrated in its new UnionPay APP which enables its users to add bank cards effectively.

  • Ping An Finance

    Ping An Finance

    The Finance Cloud of Ping An Finance covers a wide range of businesses including car insurance, financial services and bank services. It incorporates multiple OCR solutions including IDs, bank cards, driver’s licenses, and passports into its mobile apps for better user experience.

  • E-Capital Transfer

    E-Capital Transfer

    E-Capital Transfer is internet financial service company co-founded by a great number of major securities, funds, futures and payment companies. Its workflow incorporates our ID recognition and bank card recognition modules.

  • Lufax


    Lufax is an online marketplace for the origination and trading of financial assets in China with over 17 million users and nearly 1 trillion RMB online transactions. It has adopted our ID recognition and bank card recognition technology in their user verification process.

  • is the largest mobile financial service platform of micro- and small businesses in China. It adopts our bank card recognition module in their application so that users are able to upload card information faster and more accurately.

Our Advantages

Over 80% of the Chinese securities companies are using our OCR technology. We help them say goodbye to data errors and
inefficiency brought by manual input and thus reduce overall processing cycle.Available in API and SDK.

Accurate Reading
Correctly read card number,account name and expiry date with an accuracy rate as high as 99.6%.
Automatic Capturing
Position the camera over a card and the camera automatically detects the edges and focus to capture the business card.
Wide Coverage
Works on 14-, 15- and 16-digit card numbers, embossed and plane cards. Covers all types of credit cards including VISA, JSB, Union Pay, MasterCard etc.
Recognize a card in less than 100 milliseconds and revolutionize your entry efficiency
Mobile-oriented algorithm.
Light yet accurate
Support android, iOS, Windows and Linux as well as on-premises private cloud server deployment
Industrial Solutions

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