Customer Success
  • Shenwan Hongyuan Securities

    Shenwan Hongyuan Securities

    Shenwan Hongyuan Securities is one of earliest joint-stock securities companies in China with the largest service scale and most service stores around the country. It uses our mobile OCR technology to help users create account offline and greatly improve service efficiency.

  • Citic Securities

    Citic Securities

    Citic Securities has an excellent R&D team in this industry and hold a large share in the equity capital market. itic Securities is using our mobile OCR technology to help users create accounts offline.

  • 80%+ Securities Companies

    80%+ Securities Companies

    More than 80% of the securities companies in China including Haitong Securities, Citic Securities, Everbright Securities, Orient Securities, Minsheng Securities, Guangfa Securities are using our mobile OCR technology to improve service efficiency.


    Lufax is an online marketplace for the origination and trading of financial assets in China with over 17 million users and nearly 1 trillion RMB online transactions. It has adopted our ID recognition and bank card recognition technology in their user verification process.

  • E-Capital Transfer

    E-Capital Transfer

    E-Capital Transfer is internet financial service company co-founded by a great number of major securities, funds, futures and payment companies. Its workflow incorporates our ID recognition and bank card recognition modules.

  • is the largest mobile financial service platform of micro- and small businesses in China. It adopts our bank card recognition module in their application so that users are able to upload card information faster and more accurately.

Open new accounts at anywhere

Customers can open securities account with a mobile phone or tablet, capture the ID card to recognize and enter identity information, more accurate, more time-saving. This also helps securities companies to fence off frauds and ensure the authenticity and validity of information collected.

Investment Account Authentication

In the process of identity authentication, the ID card is captured by the phone camera so that the name, card number, validity period and issuing agency can be automatically read and entered. Same applies to debit and credit cards.

Mobile Phone Payment

Customers can now add their cards on mobile payment apps. They no longer need any typing or have to remember the long card number. In this way, user experience on mobile is enhanced.

Workflow Optimization

With the document scanning technology, Banks can easily digitize annual reports, forms, documents as well as work sheets using our document scanning technology. In this way, we help them compress and archive scanned copies, extract and structuralize data, streamline workflow and ease management pressure.

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